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Developing Great Relationships in Sudbury.

This blog post really doesnt have much to do with photography but more about the wedding industry in Sudbury.  I just thought that I should write a little something about each of the wonderful vendors I have met since I launched RB imageworks in January.  So the first person I would LOVE to talk about is Bill McElree.  He is the go to guy for weddings.  He isnt just a DJ he is a wedding planner and an officiant, Practically a one stop shop. He also puts on the Absolute Entertainment Bridal Show (thats the one with Jane Dayus Hinch). He eats sleep and lives this stuff. I have never seen anyone who loves their job as much as him.  He started out as great resource and has become a friend. Not that he isnt still a great resource but he's such a nice guy he had to be added to the ranks of friend. I couldnt imagine how any Bride in Sudbury couldnt use his services. Let me tell you If I was getting married again here I would totally hire him.  He thinks of every aspect of your wedding and makes sure it goes off with out a hitch! So if you are planning your wedding I strongly reccomend you get in touch with him he is a wealth of information and can reccommend the best vendors for your needs. (This guy knows EVERYBODY) http://www.absoluteweddings.ca/  He has been a great help introducing me to alot of people here in Sudbury and for that Thanks Bill! I look forward to being as well liked and respected in the community as you.

My next Blog post will be about some fellow photographers. ( I know it  seems a little weird to talk about other photographers on my photography website but heck they are just so welcoming) 


Baby Fletcher

Baby Fletchers Newborn Session

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